Happy Friday + Rain Rain Rain

Rainy Horizon

Oh hey, California! How ’bout that rain! I always find myself so torn because I know that my home state definitely needs water, and that all of this rain is actually starting to make a dent in the drought. But I’m definitely one of those people who gets all bummed with days and days of gloomy weather. I feel like it’s been raining for my whooolllle life. (So dramatic.) Like, maybe we could just stick one day of sunshine in there every once in a while? Anybody have a contact email for Mother Nature?

I kid, I kid, obviously. I’ll just get out my rain boots and ride it out. What’s the weather where you are? Do you find that weather affects your attitude? Whatever the weatherman is telling you today, hope you have a  beautiful weekend! xoxo

4 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Rain Rain Rain”

  1. It’s been so rainy here for months now! I was just saying how we haven’t had a single sunny week for the whole winter which is so annoying! Can’t wait for spring already 🙂 i totally feel your pain!

  2. Moved to the Pacific NW from New England, and I seriously underestimated what 7 months of gray and drizzle can do to the human psyche…but now the sunny days cause a euphoria I used to take for granted. Silver lining?

  3. Remember, there are those lamps that you can get to use if long periods of no sun gets you down. Don’t know exactly what they’re called. Anybody?

  4. It has been horribly hot & humid here (I’m in Aus, so, Summer). Hot is normal for this time of year, humid not so much & I’m struggling with it.

    But, cool change expected overnight, so yay!

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