Happy Friday + Photo Strips

Family Photo Booth Strips

We did it again! Friday! These days it feels like a massive accomplishment to get to the weekend. We took these photos a couple weekends back in a photo booth at the county fair and they’re maybe some of my favorite that I have. Henry was fascinated by the “tiny house” that took your picture, and we even got him to sit for his own strip. I love memories like these — kind of blurry and messy but totally perfect in their own way. We were hot and dusty and just so happy to be together. Even the baby bump made an appearance in a few frames. I fully admit that my photo strip collection is a little ridiculous, and I’m starting to forget where they each came from so I’m going back and writing on the backs of the ones I remember. I have some of them in a book that we DIY’d, but that thing is filled to the brim! Anyway, my fondness for photo booths (especially the old school, legit ones) isn’t dying any time soon so I’ve gotta start labeling those babies.

Anyway! What are you up to this weekend? I have this bizarrely lofty goal to sort through all of my digital images and start deleting the junk photos that are hiding there. Mind you, I have about 40,000 photos in my computer alone, let alone what’s on my phone, sooooooo….. I’ll just do my best. 😉

Sending high fives for making it through another awesome week, my lovelies! xoxo

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  1. I am obsessed with photo booth strips! My husband and I make it a point to seek out a booth in every city we visit. A fun memento from our trips and definitely a perfect encapsulation of all those sweet, messy, simply happy moments in life. 🙂

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