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Happy Friday + What are You Doing Next?

Fun Manicure

The other day I was wasting time on Instagram in the middle of the day (when I should have been working but that’s beside the point) and I asked everybody what they were doing that very minute. I loved getting all of the responses! Some people were procrastinating like me, someone was mopping their floor, another person was counting down until the work day was over, and someone else was DIY-ing a fur vest. It went on and on and it was so cool getting these little glimpses into people’s days. I was having the most fun hearing about everyone’s moments! So I have another question for you:

What are you doing when you finish reading this? What’s next?

Happy Weekend! xoxo

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19 thoughts on “Happy Friday + What are You Doing Next?

  1. This is that delicious time in the morning when everyone is still sleeping and I have a few moments to myself. I’m going to try and sneak in a chapter of The Grapes of Wrath which I’m reading for a book club and then I’ll probably have to get my day started!

  2. I am going to fail at trying NOT to finish a bag of Trader Joe’s Partially Popped Popcorn…then finish my center table display (new Rifle planners just came in! SQUEE!) and thennnnn…..I dunno!

      1. I should warn you…these little bastards are highly addictive and they go down REAL easy. They are literally almost popped kernels that are tiny and crunchy and delish and are best eaten by the fistful. I was skeptical at first but OH MAN are they good.

    1. Ahh, I’m late to the party and missed your comment, but i have to know… which show were you watching?!

  3. Hey girl!!!! Love this little check-in. I’m catching up on some of my favorite blogs and then repotting some plants and tidying. But a good kind of Saturday tidying. Also hoping to get out into the garden a bit tonight when it’s cooler. What about youuuuuu? <3

    1. I’m so sad that I missed your comment! Let me just say that I am so jealous that you have a garden… maybe I’ll get some tips from you, so I can plant one next spring? Og and I might need to spend part of the upcoming weekend perusing your blog — it’s adorable! ?

  4. I’m going to bask in the glow of my FINALLY CLEANED PATIO, which I just did, and I’m so proud of myself; then start on a messy room that is my next chore. 😐 Ugh. Doesn’t it feel great after you get one of those tasks done, though? Hate the work, but love the feeling. 😀

    AND I LOVE THIS BLOG! It’s my reward after the patio. 😀

  5. I’m packing the kids up and we are going to our big family gathering/summer bbq. There will be about 60 of us (and about 25 of them are young kids ?)

    1. WOW, sounds like so much fun! hope you had an amazing time with the family are fully recovered from the little ones! ?

  6. I really need to get organized for the week for ment business and decide who I’m going to contact this week. Then a bbm workout.

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