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Happy Friday + My Happy Place

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We’re back! Back in my happy place. We popped down to LA to use our Disneyland passes and visit with some friends this weekend. It’s funny, but the older I get, the more people I meet who really don’t like Disneyland. I guess in my younger years I never even considered that anyone wouldn’t like it because I love it SO extremely much. But now I know bunches of people who either hate crowds, or lines, or waiting, or just theme parks in general. And while I totally respect that, I am definitely on the opposite end of that spectrum. 😉

I think there’s just a part of me that will never be done with that wonder and magic and awe of it all. And now seeing it through my kids’ eyes has revived that even more. The fact that I used to work there as a dancer also makes it extra special for me, like an old friend who I get to revisit over and over. So we’re definitely soaking up as much as we can of our annual passes this year (before Maggie turns three and we have to start paying for her!), and spending lots of our family adventure time there.

Not for nothing, but I think places like Disneyland are also great teaching tools for kids. We talk a lot about patience while we’re in the parks, and things like waiting your turn or taking turns deciding what we do next. We teach about characters and what’s real and what’s not (especially with regards to villains), while still trying to walk the line of maintaining that sense of wonder at it all. It opens up a lot of conversations about so many new things for the kids – diversity, and theatre, and technology. If you really dig in, there is a wealth of teachable stuff in Disneyland.

That, and you can’t beat the corndogs. 😉 Have a great weekend! xoxo

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1 thought on “Happy Friday + My Happy Place

  1. This post made me SO happy! I know that, at 22, I’m still quite young, but I’ve been through a lot already and resent when people – usually strangers – have a problem with how happy I am, and how I think there’s magic everywhere you look. It makes me think that someday that spark in my heart might fade, but seeing other people who think and feel the same way puts my mind at ease. I only hope more people continue to look at the world with awe and wonder like we do ☺️?

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