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Happy Friday + Milestones

Baby Feet

We got sweet Marguerite these floral overalls and I think they’re kind of adorable! They’ll probably only fit her for another week so I had to get photo documentation. 

Y’all, we got milestones up to our ears over here! This week, Henry moved from his crib to a big kid bed. Maggie moved from her mini-crib to Henry’s big crib. She also rolled over during a nap so now she’s sleeping unswaddled. And all of this equals me in a puddle over how my babies are growing up way too fast.

Henry is doing great in his new bed but we’re taking bets as to when he’ll figure out that he can get out by himself. So far so good. He mostly just likes to climb up onto the bed and roll around and make his weird little-boy tribal yells. I should video it for posterity, it’s kind of hilarious. We got him this bed from IKEA that flips over into a lofted bed when he’s a little older. There are so many great hacks online (search IKEA Kura bed on Pinterest and you will lose your mind), and we’re deciding how we’d like to customize it a little. Right now we just stained it to match the rest of his room, but I’m dreaming up something fun for it.

Anyway! After 3 ear infections, 2 rounds of infant bronchiolitis, and many trips to the doctor in the past 6 weeks I’m happy to say that I think we’re all getting healthy. Looking forward to a weekend without any Kleenex or antibiotics.

And how are you, gang? Tell me something good. Have a good weekend, and enjoy this snap of Henry “helping” put together his bed. xoxo

Son helping dad put bed together

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6 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Milestones

  1. Oh my word we’re planning to get that same bed for our little man. Only problem is I have to save up quite a bit because it’s about 5 times more expensive here is South Africa. But you are right about the amazing hacks! Can’t wait to customise Hunter’s. And can’t wait to see what amazingly creative things you do to Henry’s 🙂

  2. Our milestone for the week – a smiling one-month old! So much fun! Keep us posted about the big kid bed. I’m terrified of that transfer for the two-year-old.

  3. Oh… please tell me how the unswaddled thing is going! My almost 6 month old is still swaddled and I’m so afraid for when we have to stop. :/ Maybe you should do a baby sleep post. I’m sort of obsessed these days. Haha!

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