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Happy Friday + Making a Difference

Breakfast Club

Happy Friday gang! I shared on Snapchat this week (find me there @lovely-indeed) that I went to meet some new friends at a local gathering called the Breakfast Club. It’s a group of young people who are active in our community and who have a likeminded interest in making it a better place. There’s no real agenda to the monthly gatherings; it’s more just about sharing space and connecting with other people. Of course there’s lots of talk about how we can help our community, but there’s also just chit chat over eggs and bacon.

A couple of my goals for the year are to give more of my time and talents, and to work on improving the things that I don’t like. I figure those things go hand in hand for me when it comes to giving back to my community. I love my hometown (I moved back here after living in NYC and LA, for heaven’s sake!), but I have big dreams to make it a place that more people love. And it was so invigorating and refreshing to sit with people at the Breakfast Club who have the same vision and passion.

So I have a couple of questions for you if you have a moment. What do you love about the place where you live? What would you change about it? Do you give to your community in any way? How?

Thanks, friends. I always appreciate your input and conversation! Happy Friday! xoxo

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3 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Making a Difference

  1. Happy Friday!
    I live outside of Buffalo, NY, and I love it for many reasons. The weather, (yes, really.) The gorgeous natural surroundings. The fact that you can get to most attractions and different towns within an hour drive. The friendliness of a small town mixed with (a few of) the cool things of a large city. And mostly, I grew up here! I have wonderful memories.

    What I do to help improve our lovely city is mostly through my work, teaching English to adult refugees to the city. I always try to help infuse my class environment with some of my enthusiasm for my hometown and my students’ new home. They have it tough, and I want them to have a positive experience as they acclimate to their new lives.

    Great post, and good questions!

  2. Cheers to the Breakfast Club! I live in a capitol city, so I love all that that entails….the history, the suits walking down the street when the legislature is in session, the state building architecture, the sense that important things are happening! It’s also a small town, so you can’t beat the community feel. I do wish we had the family resources of a larger city. We volunteer once a month to feed the hungry. We get to make our favorite dish and serve it. It’s humbling and I’m keenly aware that a single misfortune or tragedy could put me in that very line waiting for a plate of food!

  3. I almost don’t know how to express this. I love our small town. I have remarked to myself so many times that I love the order in it, the way everything works together: the traffic, even though the town is getting crowded and there are so many more cars in the streets; the way people follow traffic rules that make things easier for all, and the smart city planners who saw to layout, etc.. I love the small businesses that work so hard to please (PLEASE use some of your group effort to support SMALL BUSINESS in your town and state!!! and protect it from crazy government regulations that put so much financial pressure on them that they often go out of business and jobs are lost). And I find that people often smile, say “Good morning,” hold doors open for a stranger coming behind them. I see donation centers and programs which help the poor/homeless/children/others (Soroptimists, The Gospel Mission, Sleep Train toy/jammie/shoe drives, and the like). I have also remarked to myself about that. Look after Veterans. I see kindness everywhere I go. I hope you support groups who are trying to help.

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