Happy Friday + A Long Weekend

Sayulita Pompoms

Don’tcha just still loooooove those pompoms? We came back from Mexico last year with bags full of them and I still regret not getting more. I’ve never seen any like the ones we found in Saulita when it comes to craftsmanship, color, and sheer volume. I could have walked around in those pompoms for hours.

But anyway! There was no other reason for that photo up there other than that I’ve been reminiscing about our past trips and planning some upcoming ones! Next week we’re doing a little road trip down the coast for a fun partnership and ending in Disneyland for my birthdayyyyyy! Eeeeee! Totally normal that I’m turning 37 and my fondest wish is to spend my birthday in Disneyland, right? I know it’s not everybody’s thing, but I’m Disney to the core. Did I ever tell you guys I used to work there? I was a dancer in the Electrical Parade. And it was every bit as magical (and hard) as you’d expect. But that’s a story for another time!

I’m particularly pumped this fine Friday because somebody reminded me this week that Monday is a holiday! I tend to forget Monday holidays — don’t know why! So it’s always a fun surprise when one comes along. And February is chock full of holidays. Thank you, February.

So now that I’ve just rambled pointlessly for a few paragraphs, let’s talk about YOU! What are your weekend plans? Have a good one! xoxo

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