Happy Friday + Just for Fun

Sugared Cranberries

This Christmas I’ve been getting lots of joy from doing projects just for fun, and not actually to share on the blog. I know, it seems a little backwards because that’s what I’m here to do right!? But sometimes it’s just really fulfilling to make or bake or decorate something for the pure joy of it and not have to stop in the middle to document every moment.

There were these lovely sugared cranberries (inspired by this recipe), which Henry and I have been happily chomping on all week. And there was one evening after the kids were in bed where I popped a bottle of sparkling rosé and got tipsy while decorating my very own gingerbread house. For the record, you can actually see where I started my second glass of bubbles, because the rows of candy shingles on the roof get all crooked. Ha! I’ll share it on Instagram soon. Anyway, here’s wishing you a beautiful weekend filled of things you want to to just for the joy of it. Merry merry! xoxo

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