Happy Friday + Help Me With Ideas

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m planning Maggie’s second birthday party! She’s been telling us that she’s dead set on a Mickey Mouse party for months now, so I’m finally getting to do some planning. I think, though, instead of the usual red-and-yellow Mickey thing, I’m going to do black and white with some unexpected other colors thrown in there. Haven’t quite decided. But! I do need your help on something.

What kind of activities should we have at a two-year-old party? I know we don’t need to go major, but I always like to have some little thing organized to take up some time. Maybe decorating Mickey ears? Or a game of some sort? Or just a coloring table? If you have any brilliant ideas or have been to a party that had great activities, would you share them with us in the comments? I’m in need of a little inspiration refresher when it comes to kiddo birthdays. 😉 Have a great weekend! xoxo

8 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Help Me With Ideas”

  1. We did a dinosaur bone dig at our last party and it was a hit. Maybe you could adjust it slightly for Mickey? Bury (or hide if you need to stay inside) pieces of a mickey puzzle and have them search and build the puzzle together? IWe had kids ages 1-5 and they all loved it!

    1. A variation on Jill’s suggestion is to fill a kiddie swimming pool with sand and bury hidden objects in it. I went to a western-themed going away party for a family moving to Texas and they filled theirs with chunks of fools’ gold and other goodies. The kids loved it! I bet you could find little Mickey themed treasures to hide.

  2. At my son’s second birthday last year we filled a kiddy pool with ball pit balls and put a little slide going into it. Super simple, a little messy, but the kids of all ages LOVED it!

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