Happy Friday + On the Go

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Happy Friday gang! Spring is flying past us and we are loving every moment! It’s been a busy season for me — I said yes to a lot of things that I’ve been wanting to do and because of it I’ve been away from home a lot at meetings, rehearsals, and events. Ryan has been super dad/husband, totally encouraging me to do the show/join the club/go to the meeting, and I’m so grateful. I keep trying to give him some time back by sending him to the movies with his dude friends or encouraging him to get out and do the stuff that interests him. I’m so blessed to have a dude who lets me go do my thing.

And speaking of which, busy weekend! I’ve got rehearsals for a new dance show, a photo shoot, and a meeting with some local designers. And obviously lots of time in the sun with my two favorite munchkins and their dad. Hope you’ve got some fun stuff planned this weekend too, gang! xoxo

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  1. I am so impressed by young husbands who jump right in and share time with children and household management. It’s a new generation, for sure! So appreciated!

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