Happy Friday + A Few Faves

Macrame and wooden bead wall hanging

Hey you gorgeous Friday dolls! Why does getting to Friday feel like a monumental achievement these days? Maybe it has to do with the fact that Henry is now a human tornado ripping through our house and it’s nearly impossible to keep up with him during the workweek. Or maybe it’s the bun in the oven sapping me of all extra energy whatsoever, so that when Friday hits all I can think about is laying on the couch all weekend (which never really happens anyway)? Who cares?! It’s Friday and we should be celebrating by pretending to work but really watching fun videos on YouTube to waste time until you can leave work!!! Wait… Just me? Okay, in case you need something to pass the time:

This. Video. I watch it every few months when I need to be astounded and also giggle. This boy totally recreates a Beyonce video shot for shot and it’s BONKERS.
A soft pretzel party?! Everything my carb-loaded dreams are made of.
These rope tassel keychains are so simple but SO cool.
A living backdrop!
A cactus forest that’s way too cool.

Happy weekending! xoxo

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