Happy Friday + Is It Fall Yet?

Pink Sky

Sooooo now that it’s September, that means we can get out all of our boots and scarves and it’s totally fall… right? I’m unfortunately guessing it’s a no, seeing as how we’re in the middle of a heat wave that forecasts 110 degree days all weekend. I’m melting, friends.

Hope the weather is being kinder to you, wherever you are! And we’re sending up prayers to our friends in Houston in the wake of Harvey and all the damage it has caused. If you’re looking to get involved, our friend Ashley is heading up some relief efforts, as she’s local to the area. There was a donation dropoff yesterday but you can still help if you’re local by emailing her to get matched up with a family in need. If you’re not local, here’s a great way to help.

Also! There’s a big weekend sale on Society 6, so all of our prints are 20% off with free shipping! And this weekend, we’re donating an additional 20% of all of our sales to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund via the Greater Houston Community Foundation. So head over to the shop and grab anything that you love.

Have a lovely weekend! xoxo

4 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Is It Fall Yet?”

  1. It’s the start of spring here, which currently means tops of about 15C & grey skies.

    But the blossoms are well, blossoming, so there is plenty to enjoy. I don’t really mind the grey skies, I just wish it would actually rain if it’s going to be all gloomy!

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