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Happy Friday + Other Endeavors

Purple Sky

Happy Friday gang! Big weekend for me — I’m performing in a show at the Gallo Center for the Arts here in town! I haven’t talked about it in a while, but I have this entire other half of my life that’s all about the performing arts — singing, dancing, acting, performing. This weekend I’ll be doing a few numbers in a big show for the 50th anniversary of a theatre company where I’ve done lots of work over the years. It’s the first time I’ll be doing solo work on stage since the kids were born, and it’s been so fun to dip a toe back into it.

And it’s got me curious about you all, and what your other endeavors are! I know we all have jobs and a main focus, but what else do you do? I’d love to know if you have something that you love to do on the side, or something that you do for fun when work is done. Leave a comment and let me know. And have a gorgeous weekend! xoxo

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9 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Other Endeavors

  1. Break a leg! 🙂
    My “9-5 role” is serving as a high school vocal music teacher, and I LOVE hearing about people who continue to make music and performing part of their lives, especially when it’s not their main career or job. Hope you have a wonderful time!

    1. Brie, that’s awesome! I used to teach high school choir as well. It’s a hugely important job and I’m so grateful there are people like you doing it! xo

  2. I love hearing all about the “other” parts of people’s lives! Everyone is so unique. I have a friend who is really into succulents and has started growing and selling them; I have another friend who has a party business on the side where he hires out things like marquees and fairy floss machines; and I have another who is really into politics and volunteers for the party that he supports.

    Whilst I couldn’t see myself doing those things (for the record, I just work and write), I love hearing about them because it’s the little details that make everyone unique and interesting ☺️

  3. When people ask “So, what do you do?”, they expect you to talk about your job, but honestly, I usually prefer to talk about my hobbies than my job (I can’t be the only one, right?). So, my answer is usually something along those lines : I work with my boyfriend in his dental lab, as a secretary and book keeper, and I have a passion for sewing bags, gardening, baking and videogames. I could talk about this stuff for hours!

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