Happy Friday + Dinosaur Love

Congrats, friends. We made it through the first week of the year! Doesn’t it always feel like making it to Friday is an accomplishment? That might be silly but hey, it’s always fun to have something to celebrate, right? So I’m throwing a digital handful of confetti in your face for a week well done.

And! Something fun I decided to do: every Friday leading up to Valentine’s Day, we’re going to feature an old Valentine project! I was going through our archives and realizing that we have some really fun stuff buried in there (some of which I had completely forgotten we made at all!). First up, my favorite. The dinosaur that ate Valentine’s Day. Ryan and I used to have this tradition where we made each other Valentines, rather than buying them, and we had to work with only materials we had on hand. So I made him this guy one year. We still have him! He aged really well (no botox or anything). Henry came across him the other day and was like, “Mommy, why is dat dinosaur eating dose hearts?”

So! If you have a dino-loving Valentine, check out the tutorial right here! It’s so simple and really affordable. And I’m thinking it would make an adorable project for class Valentines, too. You could add a note that said, “Our friendship will never go extinct.” Haha! Have a great weekend! xoxo

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