Happy Friday + Current Faves

Happy Friday! As you read this, I’m hopefully hopping off of a red-eye to New York after having slept like a baby for the whole flight. Or perhaps I’m dragging myself off of a red-eye to New York because I’m really bad at sleeping on planes. Here’s hoping it’s the first option! Ryan and I are on a kidless whirlwind trip to the city for a wedding, and we are ready to pack everything we can into two days in NYC. So follow along on Instagram for our adventures!

In other news, I thought I’d just share a few favorite things that I’ve been loving lately, starting with a new collab from Rifle Paper Co. and Keds! I’ve been loving the Rifle Keds for the last couple of years now, and every time I wear my floral ones I get so many questions about where they’re from. But this latest collaboration has a new pattern and it’s so dang cute! It’s travel-inspired, and the shoes are covered with little scenes or monuments from all over the world. So cute. You can find them here!

Also, I got into a conversation about dry shampoo with some girlfriends of mine recently, and one of them had never tried it! Another agreed on my all-time fave: Batiste. It’s cheap and it works. So if you’ve never tried dry shampoo on your hair, or if you’re looking for a good one, get this.

And finally, those jeans up there in that photo are my jam. They were one of the last things I bought before I started my no-buy challenge and I’m living in them. They’re pull-on, so they don’t have a button in the front and I love that. They also have that step-hem with the unfinished look and it just adds a cool little touch to a simple outfit. Also, they’re under 30 bucks. Snag them here.

Have a great weekend, gang! xoxo

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