Happy Friday + Chubby Baby Fingers

Mom and toddler

Just look at that beautiful little hot dog finger. Henry’s chubby little baby hands are just everything to me lately. That, and his tummy. And his big feet. And his sharp little teeth. I’m just soaking this kid up, as I keep thinking that pretty soon we’ll have a new little one to split our time with. I know the heart expands and all that, of course. But this time with Baby Girl cooking in my tummy and Hank here being a little kid just feels so special. Every little thing he does is magnified and I’m trying to remember it all!

What’s on your mind these days? Whatcha doing this weekend? Talk to me, ya’ll — it’s FriYAY! xoxo

3 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Chubby Baby Fingers”

  1. I found this a wee bit late, but it’s so true for me as well! We’re cooking up our #2 as well, and boy oh boy, does it make me so happy when I think that I get to enjoy all of the toddler cuteness again! Those smiles! Those giggles! That bellybutton! I’m still not sure how the heart is going to expand enough, but golly what a great feeling to know that it will.

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