Happy Friday + Chilly Mornings

Morning on Lake Tahoe

Don’t you love chilly summer mornings that are cold enough to wear a sweater? It’s the best of all possible worlds, because you know that once the day warms up you’ll have summer adventures but in the morning you still get to wrap yourself in something cozy (I’ve been wearing this on repeat) and maybe sit with a cup of hot tea to get going. It’s just dreamy.

We’ve been in Tahoe this week with good friends, and the mornings have been so quiet and lovely. I’m always the first one awake in my own house, and I love to get up before anyone else while we’re on vacation, too. It’s nice to have some quiet time, especially when it’s so beautiful to watch the sky get lighter over Lake Tahoe. There’s actually been quite a bit of smoke in the mornings this week from the California wildfires; we’re all hoping and praying that they’re contained soon.

How has your week been? Whatcha doing this weekend? xoxo

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