Happy Friday + Cement Valentines

Happy Friday! I’m full of a little extra swagger because I made it through a week where I was mostly solo, with Ryan doing some traveling. Single parenting is no joke, and I have the deepest and most sincere respect for the people who do it full time. Three days on my own and I was watching the clock for my husband to get back by the end of it.

But we made it! And on a semi-related note, thanks for all of your kind comments on this Instagram post. Sometimes I get all in my head about parenting vs. career, and it helps to have you all as a sounding board. So thank you.

And! For our Valentine throwback today, these little cement Valentines! I made these on a whim and didn’t expect for them to take off but they’re one of our most popular Valentine’s Day DIYs. Who would have thought? They’re pretty cute though, and you could customize them a million different ways. So take a peek at the full tutorial here, and make a few this time around. Have a great weekend! xoxo

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