Happy Friday + California Heat

Pool water

Y’all. It. Is. HOT. The California Central Valley has averaged about 109 this week, with a high of 112 yesterday. What does that even mean?!?! It’s too hot to do anything. We’ve been hiding out inside with popsicles and air conditioning and just trying to ride it out. I saw 93 forecasted for next week and thought to myself, “Oh that sounds so nice!” You know something’s wrong when 93 sounds nice and balmy.

Anyway! Just to cap off this insane heat, I’m dancing in a show outside tonight. So I’ll be downing gallons of water and trying not to get heat stroke. (Kind of joking, kind of not.) What are you up to this weekend? And please, please, tell me tales of your perfect early summer, 80 degree weather, so I can pretend I’m not melting. xoxo

2 thoughts on “Happy Friday + California Heat”

  1. Haha, your week sounds a lot like ours! We live in the valley near you, and even though we escaped the first few days of heat by staying out of town, the last couple days have been spent with lots of air conditioning + smoothies. Hope you stay cool tonight!

  2. Seriously, it’s been BRUTAL – my back patio plants are all WTF?! Also, too hot to walk the dogs and that’s double misery right there (burnt paws on pavement is no bueno). Nights are always better, hope the dancing was a blast : )

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