Happy Friday + An Old School Giveaway!

Flash charms

Hey Friday lovers! Seriously, is there anyone in here who doesn’t love Friday? Like maybe you have a wacky work schedule and Friday is really your Monday? Or maybe you’re a student and you just looooove school so Fridays bum you out? (HAHAHAHA I actually just made myself laugh.) Whatever! I love Fridays so let’s high five.

I just wanted to give you guys a heads up that we’re having a newsletter-exclusive giveaway next week! So if you’re not signed up to receive our newsletter, you can enter your email down below and get the goods. We hereby promise not to bombard your inbox with junk — we usually send something every few weeks and it’s always got exclusive content for just our newsletter crew! So what’s the giveaway, you ask? A few hints: It’s just for funsies, it’s pretty old-school (I used to collect these babies as a little kid), and OH there are a bunch of pictures of them right here. I couldn’t resist! Get your name on the newsletter list to see more. And Happy Friday! xoxo

Heck yeah, I want that newsletter!

Flash charms
Flash charms

2 thoughts on “Happy Friday + An Old School Giveaway!”

  1. Chelsea, I think I am signed up for the newsletter but I was going to sign up just in case. The link doesn’t seem to work. I typed in my email and hit enter but it doesn’t do anything for me. Pat S

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