Thank You Cards

I’ve always been a fan of a handwritten note. They take just a little extra time and effort, but there’s something special about receiving a note that’s been written by hand — especially a thank you note. Don’t you think?

Recently I worked with the sweet folks at Wedding Paper Divas and ordered these gorgeous thank you cards, which I got to personalize with some of my own flava! Usually personalized stationery includes a name, but I decided to nix the name and make the message a little sweeter (I added the tiny “so very much”). It’s kind of awesome, because you can really make them say anything you want!

The quality of the cards is just delicious — thick and weighty and kind of glamorous. I can’t wait to write more! Now who do I have to thank? xoxo

Thank You Cards

Thank You Cards

Thank You Cards

Thank You Cards


4 thoughts on “handwritten”

  1. Yes! I agree personally written cards are the best! I write often – especially to Grandparents who can’t hear well on the phone.

    Also I have a friend who used WPD for wedding invitations. She somehow failed to list the time of the wedding and WPD reprinted them and rushed shipped them for FREE! Now that’s a great company!

    1. JoAnna — that’s exactly how I started writing more letters! My grandma recently passed, but when she was around I’d write to her all the time because the phone conversations were too tough. It’s a habit I’m glad I started! And yes, WPD are SO great!

  2. First, love the note cards. I adore hand written notes; I love papery things, and I think it is so important to have beautiful stationery and cards. Second, you have gorgeous handwriting (mine is very similar to lopsided chicken scratch). And lastly, what is that little lion-bell-thingy? I like it!

    1. Hi Lori! Thanks so much — I usually hate my writing, because it sort of morphs from cursive into scratchy printing on accident all the time. My 2nd grade teacher would be so disappointed! 😉 Also, that lion bell was a recent yard sale find that my husband and I made. Isn’t it crazy? I spotted it and asked if it was for sale; the guy said it used to sit on his desk and that it was all brass. He quoted me $2 and I couldn’t pass it up! Now the lion’s on our desk and we ring the bell just for funsies.

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