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There are cute cameras everywhere these days! I’ve been pinning them left and right, and it seems like I keep finding more and more that I love. I love that vintage-style photography has had a resurgence and that there are new and cool ways to take photos. (And I especially love that DIY camera print!) I think out of all of these, though, I would absolutely fall head over heels for my very own Instax Mini. I’ve always loved polaroids and these come in such a cute little shape. I’ve been debating buying one for a year or two now — maybe it’s time. Anybody have one? I’d love to know! xoxo

Grouped // Cameras

DIY print. Bellows camera. Slim wide angle camera. Ornament. Instax. Pink dress. Diana camera.

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  1. I’m not sure if you got any of these cameras by now… but I have a polaroid (similar to the instax mini) and an instax mini 50s. Between the two I’d recommend the 50s, mostly because it has a more accurate view finder. 🙂

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