Grouped // Moody & Gold

We’re taking things to next level at Lovely Indeed these days, and so in place of our usual Brighten Up posts, I’d like to introduce Grouped! I was starting to feel a little boxed-in, trying to get colors together every week, so Grouped will feature collections of whatever awesome stuff happens to be catching my eye on the web. I tend to go through phases when I pin or bookmark things, and I’ve been seeing patterns lately. This week, I’ve apparently been kind of dark, because I’ve been pinning lots of moody things with a glamorous edge.

Grouped // Moody & Gold

Room. Coat. Shoes. Cheese. Necklace. Ring. Lettering. Tights. Building. Business cards.

This whole thing makes me want to put on some huge sunglasses, turn up the collar on my coat, and be the mysterious girl in the corner of the coffee shop.  I don’t know what it is about the combination of all those neutral colors, but it’s definitely doing it for me right now. (And the touches of gold just puts it right over the top). Whaddaya think? I’m so excited about the prospect of this new column! If you have anything that you’d love to see Grouped, hit me with a suggestion! xoxo

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