groomsmen inspiration board

I’m on an inspiration board bender — even the boys get one!  I picture our fellas in easy-to-wear suit pieces, maybe mixed-and-matched, in gray or khaki tones.  Special bonuses:  skinny ties and cool-guy accessories…  Oh, and crazy socks.  xoxo

1.  Groomsmen photo via Duet Letterpress.  2.  J. Crew tie.  3.  J. Crew suit pieces.  4.  Fabric boutonniere via Once Wed.  5.  Typewriter cufflinks on Etsy.  6.  Yellow boutonniere via Young Designs.  7.  Groomsmen photo from Paper + Lace Photography.  8.  J. Crew Timex watch.  9.  J. Crew tie.  10.  Striped socks photo via Polka Dot Bride.

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