got mah boots

Well Lovelies, with your expert guidance I managed to find myself a new pair of boots!  There were lots of votes for the flat ones, but I just had to come to accept the fact that I need a little bit of a heel on mah boots.  So I took to heart the advice that all of you New Yorkers gave me and found something super comfortable for walking in the city all day, but still with a little height.  And Macy’s happened to be having a sale, so what else was I to do but snap up the good ones?!

I also decided, probably against my better judgement and much to my mother’s chagrin, to show you my old boots.  I was about to throw them away, and I just couldn’t do it without giving them a proper send-off!  These little guys have been troopers, and now they can finally kick back.  And now, without further ado:  old boots vs. new boots.  xoxo

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