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Give Me Your Tips for Air Travel with a Baby

Air Travel With a Baby

You lovelies were so helpful when I took to Instagram last time to ask for tips on road tripping with a babe! I thought it would be best to just stick with what works and ask for your help again. In about a month we’ll be taking little dude on his first flight, and I’d love to know your tips for flying with your tiny people!

He’ll be close to 7 months for his first flight, which is crazy because I know some of you mamas have been flying with your babies since they were just weeks old. So all of you baby travelin’ veterans, get up in those comments and let me know what works, what doesn’t work, and how to keep little dude happy in the air. Thanks in advance, lovelies! xoxo

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6 thoughts on “Give Me Your Tips for Air Travel with a Baby

  1. We flew with our first son around this age.. If you breastfeed make sure you feed him during take off, or give him a bottle or any sucking motion for his ears. A few new toys to keep his attention, and a few snacks if he’s eating. Hmm it was so long ago I can’t really remember any more good tips 🙁

  2. I agree with Tereza. Feeding or pacifiers during takeoff/landing are the best way to keep ear pressure down.

    Take advantage of the time when the seatbelt sign is off and walk him around (although watch for the beverage/meal service… you don’t want to get stuck waiting awkwardly for 20 minutes)

    I know this isn’t baby entertainment related, but ask the flight attendants which lavatories have changing tables in them, not all do. Additionally, either ask the FAs for garbage bags or bring your own and toss the dirty diapers in them before putting them in the trash and it will keep the smell down!

    Depending on who you fly with– if you choose your seats ahead of time and there are 2 of you with the babe, choose a window and aisle in the same row if possible. The middle seats are the last to fill up, and you could get lucky and have an extra seat for him to play in.

  3. if you’re flying long haul and breastfeeding, drink as much water as you can so you’re hydrated enough to feed your baby. Found that out the hard way flying New Zealand to London! Thankfully I had formula and boiled water too.

    Great website

  4. It’s probably not always possible, but when we flew with our 11 mo, we managed to find a super cheap deal which allowed us to get her a seat. Having her car seat and her own seat on the plane was a lifesaver for us (plus things were far easier through customs — she waited in line in her car seat like a champ — and leaving the airport). We also booked a flight during her bedtime. We were so worried about take-off and the pressure thing and in the end, she slept right through it! Also we took too much just-in-case-emergency stuff for her. Less is more 🙂

  5. Our kiddos are old now, but I still bring a gallon size ziploc bag with an extra change of clothes down to the undies (or diaper in your case) and socks. If for any reason, and I have had many, baby needs to change you have a nice set that you can hand off or grab and change on the seat next to you (wishful thinking?!). Bon voyage and safe travels! Jen Easy Family Travel Tips:

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