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getting hitched & honeymooning — see you soon!

Oh, my Lovelies, the big day is upon us.  On Saturday I’ll be a Mrs., and then Mr. Lovely and I jet off to Tahiti for a week or so — a much, much needed break together to celebrate our lives ahead!  I sort of can’t believe it’s time.

Almost exactly a year ago, I started Lovely Indeed to chronicle our engagement and keep family back home apprised of our wedding doings.  Aside from serving those purposes, the blog has become much more; I’ve met so many lovely people, had bunches of adventures, and pushed myself to learn things I never thought I would all because of Lovely Indeed.  I’m so, so thankful for it all.

Lovely Indeed’s actual birthday is August 25, right in the middle of the first half of our honeymoon.  Talk about timing!  I’ll be taking a little break from blogging until we’re back from our honeymoon, but you better believe that we’re going to have a belated blog-birthday celebration to beat the band!  I’m talking wedding recaps, honeymoon photos, DIY extravaganzas, and (best of all) giveaways.  And not to mention — did I tell you that Mr. Lovely and I have added a second portion to our honeymoon?  After we return from Tahiti, we’re taking a week to drive down the California coast and spend some time in Coronado (after a stop at Disneyland).  I’ll be blogging during that portion of our travels, posting photos and adventures as we go!

So to keep you entertained while I’m gone, here’s a little recap of some of my favorite posts from the year.  Take a little trip down memory lane and wish me luck while I’m taking a little trip down the aisle.  See you soon, Lovelies!  xoxo

My first DIY to get picked up and linked by a blog that I love.

Celebrating Mr. Lovely.

My favorite winter DIY — I still wear mine.

Reminiscing about 2010.

My first (and still favorite) Friday Favorites.

Lovely Indeed’s most popular DIY ever.

My top fashion post.

The wedding DIY I’m most proud of.

Some lovely photography.

Can’t leave this out — one of my best days.

And always, this list and this list.

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6 thoughts on “getting hitched & honeymooning — see you soon!

  1. I do hope you plan to see world of color on your disney honeymoon extravaganza! (cross off another 30 by 31) C;
    It was breathtaking and life changing.

    I’m oh so excited for this amazing wedding! Eeeeee!!!

  2. Hankies are gonna sure be needed for he joy factor of the day –and then some proper liquor! (tee, hee) Love you guys…. and please post a couple pics when the opportunity arises.


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