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Get Inspired // My Fave Instagram Feeds


It’s no secret that I’m in a serious relationship with Instagram. It’s like having a personally curated art gallery at your fingertips, all day long. Lately there are a few folks I’m following on the ‘Gram that I just can’t get enough of. Some people just get it, ya know? So I thought I’d share my recent favorite Instagrammers here, in the hopes that they inspire you and can add a little something to your feed that your eyeballs will love.



Possibly the greatest collection of dog photos ever. Theron takes his pup Maddie on adventures that you definitely don’t wanna miss.



Holly’s love for color and sugar come together to make an insanely beautiful feed full of the most exquisite sugar cookies you’ve ever seen.



Leslie’s feed is so lovely — it’s a gorgeous example of a truly cohesive feed. She usually sticks to a simple, serene color palette that’s like a little vacation for your eyes.



Candy Minimal is the brainchild of Matt Crump, another incredible Instagrammer! This feed is chock full of simple, bright images that’ll make your mouth water they’re so pretty.



The Happy Mundane feed always inspires me with its simple, clean lines and angles. So many of Jonathan’s snaps are of simple subjects like walls or corners, but his take on them makes them look endlessly interesting!



Rachel’s bright feed features a couple of hashtag series that I just love, like her dressed up pineapples!



For me, Molly’s feed is a perfect mix of slices of life, DIY projects, and things that are just plain pretty. She’s got a knack for putting a new, fresh twist on trends that you never expect.



Shelby’s styling is what makes her feed so fascinating to me! I can always tell which images are hers as I’m scrolling through my feed, and they always make me smile.



I always have to look twice at Andrew’s photos because they’re so cool and often play tricks on my eyes! He’s super clever and the composition of his images is just brilliant.



If you can’t take a trip to Greece, Corina’s feed is almost as good. Scroll through her images and I dare you not to want to jump on a plane ASAP.

So those are my faves! I’m always looking for more fun peeps to follow — leave a comment with your favorites and I’ll check ’em out! And don’t forget to follow along with the Lovely Indeed feed right here. xoxo

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9 thoughts on “Get Inspired // My Fave Instagram Feeds

  1. My absolute favorite is @mommasgonecity, the originator of #theoandbeau. I am in love with seeing her adorable children interact with her adorable dog. I definitely bought her book for my nephew ?
    I also really enjoy @rafaelmantesso who takes pictures of his dog in front of 2d drawings. It’s really unique and fun.

  2. These are all lovely & so simple! I was wondering what IG accounts you loved. Thank you for sharing! You’re obviously one of my favorites to follow too btw! =) ❤️

  3. I love the colouring on ALL these accounts! Aaaand I pretty much followed them all too. Thanks for the recommendations!

Free Email Series

Cozy + Creative!

Five Projects and Recipes for a Festive Fall.

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