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Happy Friday, sweet things!  A random stream of consciousness for you:

I know that the font I used today is kind of hard to read.  It’s not meant to be used this way really, but I just bought it and I’m obsessed with it and it wanted to come out and play.  Also, next week is our one-year anniversary of Friday Favorites!  I’m thinking of doing a grand finale and then switching up our Friday ritual.  Whaddaya think?  Any other bright ideas of how we could wrap up every week?  It’s so nice to look back and take stock of the week (and to take some time to be grateful), but maybe there’s another way we could do it.  I’m open to suggestions!  Give me a great idea for a new Friday column and I’ll hop to it.

Now.  What were your faves this week?  xoxo

{Image taken at 181st and Broadway using Instagram for iPhone.}

6 thoughts on “friday favorites”

  1. I would like to mourn the loss of that ghetto movie theatre in this photo. Formerly the only movie house north of 125th Street and frozen in time playing REAL STEEL and THE SMURFS.

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