friday favorites

{Image taken at home using Vignette app for Droid.}

FYI, in case you’re wondering why we’re back to the Vignette photos for Friday Faves instead of those lovely Instagram photos I’ve been using, it’s because my iPhone was stolen this week (by a pickpocket — isn’t that crazy?!).  So bear with me while we’re back to the Vignette for a while, and while I try to find a brilliant way to get another iPhone.  In any case, I hope your week was wonderful, and I’d love to hear your faves.  xoxo

5 thoughts on “friday favorites”

  1. Friday favorites: I get the day to myself; my children; little baby hands in mine; the hymn, What a Friend I Have In Jesus; barbershop quartets; cups of hot coffee; my children; my children: <3 <3 <3

  2. Half-price books at the Library sale!
    Reading WSJ’s Review section cover-to-cover.
    Prof Roland Fryer’s lecture at the Van Wezel.
    My weekly massage…. thank you…thank you.
    Sitting Vigil with a 96 yo gentleman @ Hospice.
    Being fully alive & knowing it.

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