free cupcake topper download on the sweetest occasion

Continuing the DIY extravaganza over on The Sweetest Occasion, today I’m featuring an awesome little download that’s easy and free!  I don’t want to give away too much, but suffice it to say that if you have some cupcakes and are feeling sassy, these are the toppers for you.  Here’s a little sample…

Click here to head over to The Sweetest Occasion and find out what the rest of them say!  They’re all little tongue-in-cheek encouragements to have some dessert and enjoy it.  Have fun!  xoxo

3 thoughts on “free cupcake topper download on the sweetest occasion”


    I just laughed SO loud and SO hard at that. Holy Virgin Mary, that is funny! YOU ARE SO THE AWESOME, MADEMOISELLE COSTA!

  2. I so love these and want to use them at my next party! I went to the site and when I click on the free download I get nothing. 🙁 Any chance you have an alternate way to get these?

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