fontalicious // 2

You guys know me — any chance to go on an adventure (big or small), and I’m in! Today’s fonts feel a little adventurous to me. We’ve got NeoRetro Fill and Channel Tuning, two of my faves! Channel Tuning always makes me think of Indiana Jones for some reason, and NeoRetro is just as cool. Check ’em out! And then tell me: what was your last great adventure? xoxo

5 thoughts on “fontalicious // 2”

  1. Love this photo & fonts!
    My latest adventure was about a 3.5 hout jeep ride through the Chestatee Nat. forest yesterday! We were on roads that aren’t on maps! Great fun!

  2. Love both of these, and I totally see the Indiana Jones connection! I really like that mantra too 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing these with us!

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