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First Friday List // Having Fun!


Iiiiiiiit’s list time! I don’t care what they say about me — lists make my brain happy. Especially lists that aren’t full of to-dos. Lists where you just get to think of your favorite things and write them down are the best, right?! This week’s list is about fun stuff. As in: What Do You Like to Do For Fun?

Oh man, I could go on and on! But somehow I think that we should pare it down because we would be here until next week if we just started listing willy nilly. So let’s talk your top five favorite things to do for fun. Okay let’s see. Here are mine.

Time with pals and family
Eating good food and drinking good drinks, preferably with fun people
Music – making it or listening to it
Taking photos

What are your top five?! Like, if you could choose anything to be doing right now instead of work or laundry or meetings, what fun stuff would you choose? Here’s hoping you get to do most of those things this weekend! xoxo

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4 thoughts on “First Friday List // Having Fun!

  1. Hmm this is a fun thing to think about! I’d say:

    Being outdoors (hiking, kayaking, walking, biking)
    Exploring a new restaurant/bar/neighborhood with friends
    Dreaming up renovation/decor plans

  2. Oh man my list constantly changes, but this is what would be in my current fun rotation:

    Traveling (ok this one almost never changes)
    Online shopping
    Puzzles (USA Today’s are my fave)
    Trying DIY’s, lettering something, or just learning about how to do a new skill!

  3. Top 5:
    Traveling with Family
    Exploring new cities
    Eating my way through new places
    Watching new films/musicals
    Creating something new : lettering, calligraphy, choreography, etc.

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