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Do you have siblings? My sister is expecting a new baby, and so pretty soon my niece will be a big sister! I got to thinking about how cool that is and how I love having a sibling, and so today’s Family Photos is chock full of embarrassing photos of me and my sister when we were tiny.


I don’t remember a ton of specific moments about being little and having an older sister, but what I do remember is pretty much letting her be in charge of what happened to me. Want to put stickers all over my face? Okay! Oh, you want to dress me up like a bride? Go to town! And whatever she decided we were doing was fun. (Then came the day when she would rather hang out with her friends than me, and I did not take that well. Cut to me, literally biting her friends when they came over to play. Ha!)



Another thing that struck me when I was looking through these old photos was how many were of her taking care of me somehow. Reading me a book. Giving me my bottle. Entertaining me in my high chair. She was (and is!) a good big sister. And I can’t wait to see my niece learn to be a good big sister, too. She’s got the best teacher around. xoxo


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  1. oh my gosh, these couldn’t be cuter. i think siblings are one of the greatest blessing in life. I have four sisters and a brother, so it was really important to me that my kids got to have a similar experience, though I’m not planning on having six:)

  2. My older brother and I were the same. We have a series of pictures that my mom took when I was an infant, where he literally sang me to sleep from a hot crying mess… love him!

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