Family Photos // Mom and Bike, circa 1972

I get my shutterbug tendencies from my Dad. From the size of my parents’ photo files, you’d think he had a camera in his hand daily. It’s become one of my favorite pastimes when I visit their house to sit out in the porch, poring over old photos for hours. I love it. There’s something about having a snapshot in your hand — it’s so much more special than looking at a photo digitally. And there’s also something fascinating about going through your family’s history. I love to see what my parents looked like when they were my age, and what they were doing in their marriage at the point where Mr. Lovely and I are now.

So every so often, I hope you don’t mind if I post some vintage family photos. I came across these two snapshots that my Dad took of my mom with her bike, and couldn’t stop looking at them. I think the perspective is pretty awesome. Enjoy. xoxo



5 thoughts on “Family Photos // Mom and Bike, circa 1972”

  1. I love that you’ll be posting some vintage family photos! I love seeing the ones from my parents/grandparents, as well as one’s from other’s families. So neat!

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