Family Photos: Camping

Now that we’re in full-blown summer, I thought it would be awesome to share some old camping photos of my mom and dad in the Family Photos series! My family has always been a major camping family. But I’m not talking about the run-of-the-mill, go to a campsite and use the running water and bathrooms type camping.

It’s more like pack all of your stuff, drive with the horses and a trailer to a lodge in the Sierra Nevadas, then leave your truck, pack all of your goods in saddlebags on the horses, and ride into the woods another 10 or 15 miles. Take a bath in the stream type of camping. It’s legit. I can remember catching fish for dinner, bears rummaging through our packs when we weren’t looking, and whittling toothpicks out of sticks for something to do. Down and dirty camping.

It looks like this particular trip of my mom and dad’s was a little less intense, but it’s awesome nonetheless. My dad still has that old Dodge pickup in his garage. Does your family camp? Any awesome camping stories? xoxo






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  1. These pictures are f-ing great, as are your camping stories!! It looks like The Parent Trap!! The last picture is so cute. 🙂 I did not come from a camping family but instead a lake cottage family (Wisconsin). We did and still do have great weekends at the lake grilling and boating and sitting on the deck and trying to get into the one bathroom to take a shower.

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