so i realized yesterday that in a super-weird, musical-theatre-obsessed way, my life has come full circle.

in junior high, my mom and i discovered forbidden broadway. back in those days, she was my only broadway buddy, as i grew up in a rural area where sports and academics were the hip things to be into. so we got all into this forbidden broadway cast recording, and she and i would cackle about it all day long, but no one else had the vaguest idea what i was talking about when i would try to explain it to them. i would be met with blank stares and a lack of interest if i even tried to describe the hilarious brilliance of the whole thing.

so yesterday on the way to the bus during our travel day, tony (our darling diego) quotes the Chita-Rita West Side Story spoof from Forbidden Broadway Volume 2, and i freak out. we went on a quoting spree and made everyone sitting near us on the bus listen to the track. and it probably sounds thoroughly stupid, but i was so happy to be surrounded by people who know and appreciate what i love and find valuable. this is what i’ve wanted forever, and every once in a while i look up and realize that i’ve gotten it. i’m sort of living my dream a little bit, even if it took forbidden broadway to call it to my attention.

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