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dude diy: nook cover

Lovelies, I need your help to welcome an extra-special guest blogger today — Mr. Lovely!  He just put together one of his own DIYs and was too pumped not to share it with you.  So say hello to Mr. Lovely!

Hi all!  Mr. Lovely here with my own DIY to add to the mix.  I recently purchased an e-reader (after stealing Chelsea’s all summer to read the Game of Thrones series, I thought it was time to get my own).  I decided to get the new Nook Simple Touch Reader.  I absolutely love it, and have already read more in the past month than over the past year.

What I did not love was having to shell out 50 bones for a case for my new toy.  None of the cases out there are very cool, and they are expensive to boot.  So I decided to take matters into my own hands and make one.  This was more of an up-cycling project than a true DIY, but you could easily find the materials to duplicate the design at your local craft store.  I built mine out of a mousepad that I received as a promotional gift from a company I worked for last year.

All you will need to make your own is a piece of thick material to act as the backing, a piece of leather, some waxed string, elastic, scissors, an X-Acto knife, and a needle & thread.  I started by dismantling my mousepad to get all of those materials separated.  From there, I cut the backing material to fit the size of my nook, and then cut the leather to a slightly larger size to accomodate for a folding over the top of the nook.  My pieces conveniently came pre-threaded for my waxed string, but you can easily make holes in your materials with an awl or your X-Acto knife.  After that, I cut slits in the backing material for the elastic to hold the nook in place.  After that, it was just a matter of sewing and stitching everything together and trimming any edges for a good feel when holding the nook in your hand.

So there you have it: Mr. Lovely’s first contribution to blogland with a DIY for us manly and nerdy types.  Cheers!  xoxo

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