diy valentine: your love is my drug

Hey dolls!  Today’s grown-up Valentine is a little silly, but I thought it might spur your imaginations up, away, and out of the box (of chocolates).  It’s a little tribute to Ke$ha, whose song “Your Love is My Drug” was one of my summer jams of 2010.

You’ll need a 6 inch x 6 inch piece of cardboard or cardstock, some colored paper, scissors, glue, and a pen.  Start by covering your cardboard with a piece of colorful paper.  Glue down the front, trim the edges to about a half inch of overhang, cut at the corners and fold over to make a clean finish on all edges.

Then, cut out a bunch of little hearts in different colors.  At the same time, cut out a small elongated oval shape in two colors, cut one in half, and glue it on the other (to make a little cartoon pill).

Glue your hearts into a pile shape on the front of your cardboard placard, and top the pile with your pill.  Use your black pen to write your message (think scratchy writing on the bathroom wall), and don’t be afraid to smear it a little bit.  We’re going for Valentine grunge here, folks.  Add a little “Rx” detail if you like, and give it to your sweetheart to let them know you’re addicted to love.  xoxo

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