diy stenciled stag painting

There’s a spot in our building, down in the basement, where tenants leave things that they don’t need any more.  It’s kind of like a free, in-house thrift store.  It’s great.  The other day, Mr. Lovely was passing by and spotted this old brown frame with a blank canvas in it.  Being the super-awesome Mister that he is, he immediately saw DIY potential and snagged it.  He brought it home and we made this.

It’s a super-simple project, and while we chose a stag for our shape, you can do it with any shape you like.  Here’s your list of materials.

  • an old frame
  • muslin fabric
  • black spray paint
  • black acrylic paint
  • sponge brush
  • spray adhesive
  • freezer paper
  • scissors
  • iron

Then just put it all together and hang it up!  Depending on the type of your frame, you could also staple your fabric in — or just get a blank artist canvas from a craft store and stencil right onto that.  We were just using what we found.  Hooray for upcycled art!  xoxo

5 thoughts on “diy stenciled stag painting”

  1. I love that! Heeyyyyyyy, that looks very much like the wooden frame that I used that has convex glass! I think it’s pretty. 🙂

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