diy stamped easter eggs

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Like I promised, I’m back with an Easter egg DIY that involves some old-school egg dying!  Grab some eggs, a Paas egg dying kit, a rubber stamp & stamp pad, and let’s do this.

First off, I discovered that a muffin pan makes an awesome egg-dying apparatus.  Drop a color tablet into each cup.  Fill those cups just under halfway with white vinegar and let the tablets fully dissolve.  Put an egg in each color.  I wanted super-bright, saturated eggs, so I left mine in for about 5 minutes, turning them every so often for even color.  I also mixed colors a bit to get my desired hues.

When your eggs are the color that you’d like, remove them from the dye and let them dry thoroughly.

Next is the tricky part.  Once your eggs are completely dry, ink your stamp and stamp the eggs.  I used my very favorite stamp set to stamp out a little message.  Any smallish stamp will work, but keep in mind that you’ll have to roll the stamp to get a complete imprint because the surface of the egg is curved.  (You could also carve your own stamps!) It might take some trial and error (you can see that some of mine are imperfect).  So give it a test run on an egg before you do the real deal.

After you stamp ’em, enjoy ’em!  Set them out or go on an Easter egg hunt.  Give them to a friend or make egg salad.  But whatever you do, have a happy Easter!  xoxo

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