diy st. patty’s day pin

Would you believe that I have not one single piece of green clothing with me on tour?  A sad state of affairs.  Clearly, I had to do something about it, because no girl likes to get pinched all day long.  So we made a little pin that would protect me from the pinches.

Here’s what you do if you wanna make one.  First, cut out a quarter-sized circle of cardboard or cardstock.  Spread some Elmer’s on that puppy and bomb it with green glitter.  Make sure you touch up the edges with glitter so they don’t look unfinished.

Then, cut a tiny white heart out of felt and glue it on your circle after the glitter has dried.

Grab some wire (I used 20-gauge copper wire) and wind it around something very thin a few times to give it a tiny coil.  I wound mine around a teensy wooden dowel.  Then puncture your circle and poke the wire through, placing the coil in the front, and twisting the wire around itself in the back.

Attach a small safety pin to the wire in the back.

Put it on your lapel, and feel safe all day — no pinching here, folks.  Happy St. Patty’s Day, lovelies!  xoxo

2 thoughts on “diy st. patty’s day pin”

  1. I’m going to make one to wear to my gig tonight- but I’ll probably cut the felt or the cardboard itself into a little shamrock 🙂 Super cute Chels! XO!

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