DIY Scalloped Photobooth Backdrop on Poppytalk

Hey! In case you missed it, feast your eyes on my latest DIY for Poppytalk! It’s a fancy little photobooth backdrop. Head to Poppytalk for the full tutorial, and some more photos of me and Mr. Lovely making fools of ourselves. (You know you love it.) xoxo

DIY Scalloped Photobooth Backdrop

26 thoughts on “DIY Scalloped Photobooth Backdrop on Poppytalk”

  1. I absolutely loved your guest post! I think I may use your inspiration at a bridal shower I’m helping to plan! If we do use your idea I’ll make sure to source your work!! =)

  2. So pretty! I want to do a photobooth for my mom’s upcoming 60th birthday party but my sister doesn’t think that the attendees would be “into it” ….we’ll see 🙂

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  10. I have been inspired by your DIY Photobooth Backdrops!! Fourth of July is coming up and I would like to make this Photobooth happen for my brother’s b-day party. What do you use to capture the unique pics? Software or personal camera? I don’t want to be the photographer the whole time but I will if that’s what needs to be done.

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