diy pompom shoe clip

For some reason, I love a pompom for a little kick of green on St. Patrick’s Day!  I think these little clip-on shoe poms are just the ticket.

Round up your materials:

  • green yarn
  • glue gun
  • scissors
  • felt scrap
  • two small clips (Test that they’re comfy on a shoe; I found these at an office supply store.)

Begin by gluing a scrap of felt to the underside of each small clip.  Once the hot glue has cooled, trim the excess felt around the edges of each clip.

Make two pompoms.  Start by wrapping yarn around your hand until you’re satisfied with the amount (the more yarn, the fuller and stiffer the pompom).  Slip the loops off of your hand and knot them in the center with a short length of yarn.  Snip through all of the loops on either side of the knots to make the loops into fringe.  Shape the pompom with your scissors (kind of like pruning a hedge!) until it’s your desired shape and size.

Choose the side of your pompom that will be the bottom.  On that side, use a large dollop of hot glue to affix a clip.  Be sure to glue the clip so that the felt-covered side is away from the pompom.

Now clips these babies on your shoes and dare someone to pinch you on March 17th!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  xoxo

43 thoughts on “diy pompom shoe clip”

  1. I know it says “office supply store” but…where exactly did you find these shoe clips? I’ve gone to Office Depot, Staples, even Home Depot and haven’t even found anything similar.

    Sorry if I’m prying. I just prefer not to deviate from your instructions if I can help it. 🙂

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