DIY No-Sew Fruity Foldover Pouch + GIVEAWAY!

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DIY No-Sew Fruity Foldover Pouch

DIY No-Sew Fruity Foldover Pouch

DIY No-Sew Fruity Foldover Pouch

When we were living and working in China a few years ago, I fell deeply in love with this certain candy from Japan that I had never seen in the states. Being a total candy junkie (no pun intended), I was having a ball trying out lots of different crazy things we found and when I tried these I was like where have you been all my life?! We came back to the states and slowly but surely I started seeing them pop up here and there, and now you can find them all over the place! This magical candy I’m talking about? HI-CHEW.

I kid you not, these are my favorite. Soft, chewy, fruity, the perfect amount of sweet. So when HI-CHEW contacted me to see if we might want to team up for a summery project it was pretty much like Beyonce herself had sent me an email. I actually ran into the other room to tell Ryan. ANYWAY! Enough babbling. Let’s talk summer. We’ve been road tripping so hard this summer and on every trip we take, I’m always wishing I had a little pouch in the car of my essentials — I’m always carrying stuff for everyone else so my own things get scattered and tossed around. But no more! We put together this juicy little no-sew foldover pouch so I can take it on all of our summer adventures (and obviously stash some candy inside, too). (Pssst — be sure to scroll all the way down for a juicy giveaway!)


Make Time: 30 Minutes

DIY No-Sew Fruity Foldover Pouch

Step 1: Cut out your felt pieces. We freehanded ours but here are the general measurements: one dark orange oval (11.5″ x 9″), one light orange half oval (5.5″ x 9″), one white half oval (5″ x 8.5″), and five light orange wedge pieces that fit inside your white half oval like orange slices.

Step 2: Spread a line of E6000 around the arched edge of the half oval, leaving no glue along the flat edge. Place this piece over the lower half of the large oval, aligning the arched edges. Press down the glued area to make sure it adheres.

Step 3: Fold the top of the large oval down like a flap. Spread glue along the entire back of the white piece, and glue this down onto the front of the folded over flap.

Step 4: Glue down each of your wedge pieces onto the white piece.

Step 5: Place a velcro dot on the inside bottom of the pouch; place the corresponding piece on the inside top of the pouch and make sure that the two align.

DIY No-Sew Fruity Foldover Pouch

That’s it! Let all the glue dry, fill it up, and take it on your adventures! And speaking of adventures, how’s your summer going? We’ve been having a blast seeing lots of California (since I’m so far along we can’t really fly any more) on road trips and having a whole bunch of #flavorfulmoments. We still have a few adventures left, though — this fruity little pouch will be coming with us to Santa Cruz, to our family’s cabin, and possibly to the state fair before it closes! And luckily, I’ve got enough HI-CHEW now that I can take it along and share with Ryan and not have to hoard it like I usually do. Sigh. I love summer. 🙂

Now — who wants to win a fruity little prize pack full of HI-CHEW goodies?! We’re having a simple, fun giveaway so you can test out all of my favorite HI-CHEW flavors and they’ll show up right on your doorstep. The prize pack will include t-shirts, a pop socket for your phone, a tote, and more candy than you can shake a stick at. All you have to do to enter is comment below and share a #flavorfulmoment from your summer! It can be something you’re planning on doing or something you’ve already done. Giveaway will be open until 12am PST on July 17th and the winner will be contacted shortly thereafter. Leave us a comment so we can send you something sweet! xoxo

DIY No-Sew Fruity Foldover Pouch

DIY No-Sew Fruity Foldover Pouch

This post is sponsored by HI-CHEW. All ideas and opinions are my very own. Thank you for being supportive of the partners who help keep Lovely Indeed rocking!

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  1. Gah — I love Hi-Chew! I actually tried them for the first time last month (how’s that for a #flavorfulmoment!?!). The texture was a little odd to me at first — like a Starburst but more waxy, maybe? — but the flavors were bonkers good. By the end of the package I was hooked!

  2. I plan on visiting NYC/the Hamptons this summer and will definitely be eating lots of yummy food and having many #flavorfulmoment (s) <3

  3. Such a fun little pouch! My #flavorfulmoment is finding the new “drink of the summer”: last year’s was sangria, and after a few tastings I think this year’s is rum punch!

    1. thanks doll! ? let me know what you’re mixing up (being preggo this summer, i can live vicariously through you)!

  4. I’ve never tried Hi-Chew, but i LOVE candy and sweets. My #flavorfulmoment (for summer and always) is ice cream, milkshakes, gelato, concretes, you name it!

    1. I wish I could send you some Hi-Chew so you can try it, because I know you’ll love it! And your #flavorfulmoment sounds sooooo good right now + everyday! xo

  5. OMG! I am definitely going to try this out. My #flavorfulmoment is finding the best recipe for lemonade. 🙂

    1. Camping with the little ones?! Sounds like the perfect little adventure for you and your adorable family!

  6. Our #flavorfulmoment was traveling Route 66 in June and trying iconic food from each state like frozen custard in Missouri, chicken fried steak in Oklahoma, and spicy green chiles in New Mexico!

  7. My #flavorfulmoment for the summer has been discovering the delicious sorbet at an ice cream shop near my home – it’s not quite as good as actual ice cream, but it still comes in a homemade waffle cone, and it lessens the pain of being newly lactose intolerant and having to give up ice cream!

    1. You poor thing! ? but I’m happy to hear that you found an ice cream shop so close to home — crossing my fingers + toes that it will satisfy your ice cream cravings!

  8. I love hi-chew! I live by an Asian market and saw them at the counter long time ago. Curiosity got the best of me and I’m so glad it did. So freaking good. My #flavorfulmoment is eating mint mojito Popsicles.

  9. who doesn’t love a good hi-chew. i eat it all the time, makes me feel a little less guilty than chocolate or jelly beans. with the bit of fruit inside, it’s practically fruit..right?? my #flavorfulmoment is exploring somewhere new and trying their best dishes. this summer was martha’s vineyard and chowder!

    1. I completely agree! and beautiful places with amazing food?! it doesn’t get better than that. ?

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