DIY Mini Air Plant Wreath Place Cards

How to Make Mini Air Plant Wreath Place Cards for Thanksgiving

How to Make Mini Air Plant Wreath Place Cards for Thanksgiving

I’m hosting Thanksgiving this year like a grownup, you guys! And I kind of want to go all out — fancy dishes, gold flatware, and definitely place cards. But even though we’re keeping it a little formal, I thought the place cards could use a little something funky (if for no other reason than to freak out my mom) so I came up with these cool little mini air plant wreaths! They’re so easy and so fast, and they’d be perfect for a Friendsgiving as well. Send the little air plants home with your guests as favors and you’ve got all your bases covered!

How to Make Mini Air Plant Wreath Place Cards for Thanksgiving

Now I know some of y’all don’t have easy access to air plants, so as usual, Amazon to the rescue. There are links below for you everything you need, from the embroidery hoop to the plants. And these little air plants are super quality; they all showed up at my doorstep happy and healthy. Read on for the full tutorial.

DIY Mini Air Plant Wreath Place Cards


Make Time: 5 Minutes per Place Card

Step 1: Remove the inner ring from the embroidery hoop; this is the piece that will form your wreath. Choose a couple of air plants in varying sizes. Cut a length of embroidery thread.
Step 2:  Weave the embroidery thread through the tendrils of the air plant so that the thread is hidden. Wrap the embroidery thread around the hoop so that the air plant is secured on the hoop.
Step 3: Tie a double knot in the embroidery thread at the back of the hoop to secure the air plant.
Step 4: Repeat the process with another air plant, directly next to the first on the hoop.
Step 5: Cut a small rectangle of cardstock and punch a hole in the upper left corner. Use the paint pen to write the names of your guests, one on each piece of cardstock.
Step 6: Cut a short length of embroidery thread and thread it through the hole in the cardstock. Tie the thread around the back of the hoop to affix the name to the wreath.
Step 7: Put the wreath place cards at your dining table for your holiday celebrations!

If your guests need instructions on how to care for the air plants, just tell them to soak them in a bowl of water overnight once a week, then let them dry thoroughly. Piece of cake! xoxo

P.S. Another pretty place card idea!

How to Make Mini Air Plant Wreath Place Cards for Thanksgiving

15 thoughts on “DIY Mini Air Plant Wreath Place Cards”

  1. I just ordered and realized they’ll likely arrive well before Thanksgiving! Do I need to care for them BEFORE as well??

    Also, where is your flatware from! So excited to style like this for Tday!

    1. Awesome Francesca! That’s perfect! Yes, when the air plants arrive I would give them a good overnight soaking, as they might be tired from travel. 😉 Just soak them fully submerged in a bowl of room temp water and let them dry out in the morning. Do the same thing about once a week and they should be good! Would love to see your final project — be sure to share on social with #thelovelysquad so I can check it out! xo

      1. Received all my Darby Smart goodies and am so excited! Only confusing thing is that when I added all supplies to the cart, it only had 1 air plant with 4 embroidery hoops – turns out I need 4 plants for the 4 hoops! I’d recommend upping that 🙂

        Can’t wait to share the final outcome with you!

  2. Francesca i think i saw some similar flatware at anthropologie.
    LOVELY, lets say i looove your project, byt i have some other air plant ideas. Where can i get some, good quality at a good price?

    1. Hi Bethany! You can get some from Darby Smart without ordering the whole kit! Just search “air plants” on their site. They’re the best quality I’ve found at a really great price.

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