diy mason jar soap pump

On a recent hunt for the perfect bathroom soap pump, I came across a whole slew (slew?) of folks who had made their own out of mason jars.  It’s not necessarily the style that we’re taking the bathroom decor in, but I thought it would make a fun little project, so I decided to do it!  I happened to be home at my parents’ house, and so I got some excellent assistance from my Dad — shall we call him Papa Lovely?

Gather your materials:

  • mason jar with lid
  • pump handle (mine came from an old discarded lotion pump)
  • white latex paint
  • chrome spray paint
  • something that can punch a hole through the mason jar lid (punch set, hammer and nail, etc.)

Now just put it all together!  Make sure to let the inside of the jar dry thoroughly and really cure, so that the paint doesn’t dissolve in the soap or lotion.  I’m thinking these might make a cool holiday hostess gift for a gal with a vintage or shabby chic vibe!  I’m pumped.  (Get it?  Pumped?)  xoxo

6 thoughts on “diy mason jar soap pump”

  1. I just love this idea. You are a very talented person. I seen that there was Mason Jar Lamps somewhere. Have you made those?

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