diy leather triple-wrap bracelet

Every once in a while Mr. Lovely will come through the door bearing gifts. Sometimes it’s candy, or maybe flowers, but usually, it’s a bit of some odds-and-ends material that he thinks would make an awesome DIY project. These are my favorite gifts. This time, it was a leather bookmark that was not cute.

Currently having an obsession with wrap bracelets, I decided to make one of my own design. I cut the leather into strips about 1/3-inch wide and collected some embroidery thread in a few fun colors. I used an embroidery needle to sew the ends of the leather strips together, and then to sew a hook-and-eye closure at the ends of the (now extra long) strip.

Then, to spice it up, I used various colors of thread and wrapped them around the leather at random places. These were just secured with a little all-purpose glue on the backside of the bracelet.

To finish it off, I distressed the edges of the leather so the strips looked a little less “freshly-cut.” Wrap, clip, and ta-daaa – a one-of-a-kind bracelet that looks like a million bucks. xoxo

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  1. I have a small amound of leather that is quite thin. Do you think it would still work. Was there any other sewing but what you did by hand with the embrod. thread? Do you think I could double it and glue it together as one and if so any ideas on glue….? thanks so much. I’m handi cap and always looking for a project to keep me from going crazy

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