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If you follow the blog, you probably know by now that Mr. Lovely and I are scavengers.  Not, like, those people who never go grocery shopping and only eat food that grocery stores throw out, but more like we always keep our eyes peeled on the street for things that might have been tossed and look like they could have another life.  (Let’s hear it for run-on sentences.  My 2nd grade teacher is cringing right now.  Hi, Mrs. Owen!)

ANYWAY, we were in the basement of our building the other day and we found a little cabinet that someone tossed, and thought it would be a perfect restyle project to house all of my bling.  (And by bling, I mean friendship bracelets.)  Here’s the before.

Yikes, right?  It was a mess — screws sticking out everywhere, scratched-up, worn out.  So we got down to business.  My handy dude Mr. Lovely took it right out on the fire escape, removed all the weird screws and pieces of wood, and sanded it down.

Once it was bare-bones, we painted the top half gold with Modern Masters Metallic Paint in Olympic Gold (possibly my new favorite paint color).  Then, we split it in half with a diagonal line of tape and painted the bottom half with Impervex Latex High Gloss Enamel paint in black from Benjamin Moore.

We finished by adding hardware:  two old knobs from Anthropologie that we had kicking around the house, and some hooks inside the door and along one side of the cabinet for hanging necklaces or bracelets.   I did away with a weird hole on the top of the cabinet by stealing one of our Anthropologie mini latte bowls from the kitchen and dropping it there to hold rings.  I’m still planning on lining the drawer and shelves with velvet to keep all my goodies safe and sound.  And finally, here’s the after!  xoxo

10 thoughts on “diy jewelry cabinet restyle”

  1. I definitely LOVE your restyle…and I love that when I got to the “just sanded” pic, I thought, “Oh perfect! I love it!” And then it got Chelsified! Totes gorj!

  2. Amazing! Can’t wait to see what I can find at my next yardsale (or what the neighbor discarded) You totally rocked on that one. Kudos!

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