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diy inspiration board

Remember these sparkly thumbtacks from last week?  I’m so, so stoked to put them to use this week on my brand spankin’ new, real life inspiration board!  (It’s like Pinterest, but you can touch it.)

It’s pretty much as easy as can be.  Grab some cork tiles from your local craft or hobby shop.  I found a four-pack of one-foot-square tiles for a few bucks.  Then, get a few rolls of washi tape in complimentary patterns and colors, and decorate to your heart’s content!  I kind of wanted something pretty simple to stand as a background to everything that I knew I’d be pinning onto the board.  Just lay your washi tape down, making sure it’s smooth and secure, and fold the ends over the sides of the board for a tidy finish.  Then nail your cork boards on to the wall and pin away!

It’s so nice to be able to pin up the little inspiring things that I’ve saved recently and to catch glimpses of them all day!  And it truly is an inspiration to look at the creative people represented on my little board.  In case you’re wondering, read on to see the what and who of everything that I’ve got pinned up!  xoxo

Leather bracelet by Melissa at I Still Love You.   Mini watch bracelet from Anthropologie.  DIY transfer print by yours truly, made at Brooklyn Creative.

Gorgeous business cards of our Baltimore besties:  Trohv, Petal and Print, and K. Flick Studio.

Paper goods from Bri & Blogshop, ski lift ticket from Alt Summit, awesome ampersand pin from Margot at Pitch Design Union.

Link With Love reminder from Kal Barteski, DIY leather keychain by Jenny at Hank + Hunt, shells from our honeymoon in Tahiti.

Inspiring quotes on Epiphanie Bags‘ business cards.  Lovely letterpress from Lupa & Pepi.  Garland by my International Swap partner, Francoise.  Danni’s amazing business cards for Oh, Hello Friend.  And a feather from a dirty NYC pigeon.

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14 thoughts on “diy inspiration board

  1. I don’t know what website to put when it asks for that. Hope this works anyway.
    ha ha! This is my thing with “pinning” things I want to remember in real life–I like to see it all laid out at one time, instead of bit by bit on my computer/cell phone. Not to say that I am soooooo backward I can’t manage, but sometimes it’s nice. 🙂

  2. great idea! i would have never thought of this because i tend to make things too difficult. i love that the finished item is so polished looking but it was still easy to do. Also love the new look to your blog!

  3. So honored that L&P’s letterpressed business card made it onto your inspiration board!! (blushing!) Looking forward to seeing you in person now that you are local.

    PS: Love that ampersand pillow!!!

  4. One of the biggest reasons I’m looking forward to moving into a new place is so these Lovely Indeed DIYs can make their way onto my walls!

    1. I’ve picked it up here and there, but there are lots of great supply shops on Etsy that sell more washi tape than you could ever handle! I’d start there.

    1. Not really sure what inspired it – that’s an awesome question! I think I just really wanted a place to display my little goodies, and a non-permanent way to decorate it, in case I ever wanted to change it. (I’m kind of fickle that way.)

Free Email Series

Easter Outside the Basket!

5 DIYs for a Creative + Colorful Easter

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